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Here I go into the night again.

April 29, 2011

It’ almost midnight. I’ve had a busy day. Stayed up reading way to late then dashed out this morning to meet with my Web design person. It was a great meeting. I also got a chance to put some of my collection into the studio. My little studio is looking really warm and ready for working.
Tomorrow I have some things to photograph. I need to find some old photos of my Grandmother. Things are never were you think they are. I have a few pieces of clothing I need to photograph also.
Jen ,my Web person will be gone week and I must get some work for her to post. How exciting this is. I have been listening to the Goddess chant and it is really magical. I would like to add it to my website, but just as a whisper. This may encourage me to get better at blogging.  Must to to dreamland now.  Blessings through the night.

It’s still morning, so “Good Morning”

April 29, 2011

I had a wonderful sleep. Had been reading about rituals last night and feel asleep thinking of them.  Bear, my little dog who’s 19+ years sleeping by my side. I could barely hear the TV in the next room at the beginning of my reading. As I began to  formulate the rituals in my mind it became just me, my dog and the ritual.

I woke up refreshed and ready to follow my path. My plan for today is to organize my herbs. Craft herbs. I have  bit of Yuck work to do (bills) and I should do it first, but I am not in that mood.I have some packaging of my Pagan clothing line, to do also.

My line is called  Wycked Velvet. It’s all black silk velvet. Very wonderful for all ages of  women, with ceremonial pieces for men too. That part of my day is always fun.

During the day, I will put in some time for knitting. I try to do this everyday, so I will have many warm scarves for next fall. They go to those having chemo and the people who need them.

Well, I’ve finished my coffee and toast (homemade bread) I shall get nothing done if I chatter on.  Blessed Be and much Magic for your day.          WV

Spring is upon us

April 23, 2011

I really need to get better about this. I guess life gets in the way and before you know it time is gone. I need discipline and motivation. I shall do better. My website is up, but not finished. I have been dealing with some health issues and cloudy days don’t help. Yesterday was warm and sunny.  I am determined to finish the website and add new designs soon.  This winter was so cold it was hard to think. Santa Fe gets cold but many nights it got down below zero. Like -18…..Wow, that seems like Alaska! Oh, and almost no snow! The ski area was suffering. Climate change to be for sure.

The brilliant  green is starting to show it’s self in the grasses and leaves on the trees. The trees in town already have blossoms. Here in our little valley it takes a bit longer. My V has already been working on the vegetable garden. We have a small community garden and right now we are turning the wonderful earth over. We are lucky to have such good neighbors to share in the labour of growing our food. I have some chickens, we get blue-green, brown and white eggs. Mostly the blue-green. While I was ill, almost the whole year, the neighbors were great and cared for the chickens.  It was a labour of love, because there were no eggs in winter. Well, with Spring here we all have  our delicious eggs back.

We had a bitter sweet couple of months. Our wonderful old dog of 19 yrs, got very sick. I think he had a stroke. We took him to the emergency vet, of course,  this happened on Sunday, it was not the best experience. The vet wanted to put him down.  “No!’ to that one. I said if he was on his way out, he would be with us at home. The vet was pretty adamant, but not as adamant as I was. He said he would probably leave us on the way home. Well, it’s been at least a month and a half and he is almost to his old self. It wasn’t his time. He lost the use of one hind leg, but tries to do as much as he can. He is a love. A miniature apricot poodle, rescued.

Another emotional roller coaster was  that, our dear friend has been ill with Crohns. It has been tough. His wife and two kids are just a wealth of strength. The little one  is a year and a half,  a beauty and the best baby. The nine year old is just a great help and loves horses. She got to ride Waldo while she was here. We spend lots of time with them.

Good news, I moved into another studio, same bldg but warmer, roomier, lighter and just all around better to work in. Tomorrow I will try to  paint the lg desk, put up the curtain rods and curtains. I got these beautiful linen-cotton curtains at a yard sale. I will be putting up some sheer like paper on the glass window.  I am excited.  Check out the site, I know it’s in progress, but will be adding as we go along. The velvet we use is the best we can get. Silk and rayon. Oh, boy does it feel good. You almost want to ware it inside out and sleep in it.

Well, I should try and get some jewelry designs done.  May magic fill your days.    WV