Summer is finally here

The weather has finally changed. The Sun is warming our area of the earth. The green is  spreading.  Oh, and so special, the hummingbirds are back. My lovely hummingbirds.  There’s lot’s of work to be done now. The Community garden has been plowed and the seeds are ripe for planting. The Acequia is running, so the rest is up to us.

Our dog, little, Bear, is getting worse and we will have to put him down soon. It is sad when a loved one must leave. He’s been with us so long. I don’t want him to hurt or be frightened. I will be with him until it’s time to crossover. Bear has been the best friend a person can have. Letting go is so hard.  My heart aches when I think of him not being here. Time will go on but the memories will remain. Spring is rebirth. The end, the beginning and the end again.The middle is our life.


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