Magic all around

Magical friends,

I meant to write on Saturday, but alas, it’s Tuesday night. Somehow time just goes by.

On Thrusday I drove to Albuquerque (NM) to the Blue Eagle to attend a workshop run by Wendy Rule. The workshop was wonderful, intense, musical and magical. The love, between Wendy and Tim just glowed throughout the room,  just an added touch to the magic. Casting circle with Wendy, was like casting a poem. It was truly beautiful and spiritual with a bit of whimsy. I left at 10PM and drove home to Santa Fe. I think I got home aroung midnight. My husband had fallen asleep, but awoke as I oepned the door. I was tired, but could not stop talkng about the workshop.

On Friday I ran some errands, picked up 4 bales of afalfa for the horses. Washed the green eggs. Got some fresh spinach from the garden .Took care of little Bear. He has so much spunk. He’s 20 years old and still looks like a puppy. He’s a bischon and a minuature poodle. He has become a grumpy old man and has lost the use of his hind legs. My daughter-in-law is building him a cart so he can move around. I think his self esteem would be better if he could move.

Friday about 4PM I got dressed, kissed Vic goodbye and headed out to ABQ around 5:45. It’s such a lovely drive. The Sandia Mountains change colour by the time of day. Blues, grays, even pinks. The clouds wonderously fluffy with dark streakes running through. The drive is about 45 min to ABQand another 20 to the store.We all got there about he same time. Wendy started with creating a circle. Her voice is strong, soft, wild and tame.Mezzmerizing to say the least. Her songs were sweet, lovely, sensual , loud, soft and from the heart and soul. I truly recommend seeing one of her concerts, if one should get the chance. Closing the circle was as magical as creating one.The evening ended around 10:30, so I got home around midnight. As I drove home there are long areas of vast darkness and no sounds. About half way home I turned to look toward the moon,(which I usually do) It happened to be hiding behind a little mountain. Soon it appeared. Bright orange and in an oval shape. I knew it had been waning, but usually you can see where it has been waning. This this was like an oval and a harvest moon. I had to stop the car and just look t it.

I relized that though the concert was perfect, there was something missing for me. The moon, and here she was in all her glory. Her face so bright it shed light on me in the car.

I met some great people at the concert, including Wendy and Tim. Mitch who owns the Blue Eagle metaphysical was so gracious and delightful. I felt magical all weekend  long.

Sunday I worked on jewelry and on the photogaphy for the website. So much to do and not so mush energy. I plan to try to keep the magic as long as I can, I play her CD in the car and listen to the lyrics and try to sing along. It is wonderful to feel fulfiled after meeting and a concert. Should you have the opportunity to be where she is playing, get a ticket and spend a bit of time in the magic of her music. Time to say good night and blessings for some wonderous magical dreams.  BB, Wyckedvelvet

Enjoy the week and never forget that mgic all around.  Blessed Be.   Wycked velvet

Saturday our grandson, Gustavo came to spend the day and night with us. It’s always something new to learn from him. This, remember is my Super hero.


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