Memorial Day/Night

Blessings all,

Today our country celebrates Memorial day. I have decided this year to encompass, empower and embrace this, usually military holiday. I am doing it my way. I am against the military, against is a stong word, but I do not endorse it what so ever. I am creating an alter with photos and names of those, I know, who have crossed over. A little ritual and a little incense and some blessings. Love the Ancestors. They are always guiding me in the right direction…should I listen, that is another story. I shall keep the candles going on until tonight. All day I have been thinking of my Grandparents and my Parents. I appreciate them more now, that they are gone. Especially my Parents. Funny how that happens.

I have been making jewelry  these past few days. mostly necklaces. I have been thinking about closures. They need to be part of the piece, not just added to finish. I can get caught up in the materials so easily. I just examine the stone or the finding, over and over again. I’ve always like jewelry, since I was about  4 years old., that I can remember. I would walk up to the pink house and play the children there. They were Gypsies, but that meant nothing to me, except, that they had twirly skirts, jewelry and lots of beads. The Mom would sometimes make us sit at the table and string beads. “It was good for your fingers,” she would say. She would also let me wear her high heels. The other ladies were not so nice. They would not stay too long. Not long enough for the children to go to school. But, they would always come back. Other Gypsies would move in and out all the time. Grandma said it was the Gypsie  house. I should light a candle for the Mom. She would have to be gone by now.

The week was filled with music by Wendy Rule, as I bought her CD.  Flashes of the ritual we did also keep coming to me. All good.

The hummingbirds have returned full force. I fill the feeders 2x a day. I only have 5 feeders this year, as some broke in storage. Those  little gnomes in the storages love to break things when they get bored. It’s  like stealing one sock! They only steal one.

I love to have my, first of the day coffee, with the hummingbirds buzzing about. We have a little cafe’ table and a few chairs outside on the portal, we sit and enjoy our little flying critters in the moring. They come about looking at us, and  they even come to the windows and stare in. Hummingbirds have been in my life forever. The winds have been so strong this year, (I think due to climate change), but it doesn’t seem to affect them as much. I guess food is a driving factor. Winter has really left now, though it seemed like forever, because the nights were below freezing. It’s truly magic how everything looks dead one day and the next day the trees are full of leaves, the wisteria is lovely and the Russian sage picked up where it left off. The veggies are starting to come up and flourish, as are the strawberries. The little Johnnie-jump-ups and the Pansies such an added such beauty. I recall the Navajo prayer, Walk in Beauty. I truly feel Beauty all around me. Blessings, Beauty and may the Faries brighten your day.  Mitra


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