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End of an Era

August 12, 2011

Well all you Witches, it’ been a while since I’ve been writing. It has been a very difficult time for me. My 20 year old “little Bear” dog died. We actually had to put him down. It was time as he could no longer move his hind and front legs. I held him most of the day, the Vet came at around 6PM. He just looked me with his sweet little black bead eyes. He knew it was time. I laid him on our table on a blanket. He laid there for at least an hour, me just petting him. When the Vet decided to give him the medication, he left. He didn’t need the medication at all. He was so peaceful. He had been ill for a few months, slowly he lost control of his limbs. He was the heart of our family. I mourned for a bit of time. In fact, I am still mourning. It is definitely the end of an era for us.

Peace, Blessings (and as my grand daughter says), and puppies.     VW