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Well, more big …

May 20, 2012

Well, more big changes. My spouse and I have decided to go on separate paths. I guess we were on separate paths already. It just took us time to realize it. Now all kinds of stuff has been changing. Choices of what to keep. What to store, what to toss, what to give away and especially what he wants. The splitting up of stuff has not been to hard. It’s been hard on the animals. i know that seems strange, but the poor things don’t have an explanation why things aren’t always on schedule. Why things aren’t the same. 

We are on  different journey and it can be hard when you’ve been on sort of the same journey for almost 20 years.

It will be scary, sad, exciting, happy, angry, all knowing it will turn out fine. Actually better than fine. I will be selling my beautiful home. The creek, the trees, the garden, Flock of hummingbirds. Can you say flock of hummingbirds? They are so lovely. I will miss them. I will miss my home. Another journey, another home.

I am beginning to take account of what is important to me. I keep going through things and choosing what not to take with. Another process, okay, enough with the processing. I’m getting too old for these processes. It’s time for me to sit and teach. That’s what I want to do. Things my Grandma taught me. Things I’ve learned. Things that have come to me. I am a Crone! Yes, a Crone. I need more preparation. I don’t need to process. Well, my dear friends, that is the preparation. It’s obviously the one I need. So I guess you just don’t stop processing. Even the end is a process. And how does one prepare for the ultimate process? All the questions and traveling through the answers. Some times several times. Good ting travel isn’t liner. We’d be out of the Universe! I like the speed of walking so one can see the landscape.  But sometimes there are miles of the same landscape and you have to say can we push the speed button? Unfortunately that’s probably the time you need to slow down. Then you miss the lesson and you have to go back. We all go back until we learn that lesson. Guess what? The minute you think you learned that lesson, there’s a twist and maybe you have to try it again a different way. What a trip. What a fascinating trip. Everyone says the lesson is in getting there. I think it’s not just getting there, it’s what you do when you get there.

Happy travels in you mid, in your soul, in your head and in your life. Blessed Be, Velvet