Venus Abound

I was speaking to my son yesterday about this Venus phenomena and as he spoke  his excitement began to make his face glow and his grin became wider. He was as excited as a young child. He is forty-three. He of course began explaining the importance of the last transit due to the mathematics, and so forth. I was so glad that he could still have a sense of wonder. We are very close, he was born on my, now our birthday. He too, is a Wiccan if anything at all.

I have since spoken to many people and everyone was watching. That totally amazes me. I’m actually  very proud of “people” for acknowledging the “Universe”, the “Solar System”, the “Heavens”. Imagine these minuscule little beings, looking toward the skies at the same synchronized time. All over the globe. Venus uniting the world. How cool is that?

On another level many women I know had various strange things happen to them from physical, to sprirtual, to emotional, or panic attackes. We must be atune also, to the fact that we just had a solar eclipse and alignments of the planets. How much can a body take? Is it our American sensitivities? Did other women, from other countries have the simular feelings. I know it’s soon, but did  anyone do a study, a poll?  I do say women, because I mainy spoke with women. Maybe many men has simular experiences too. Just an interesting thought.

Summer Solsice is just around the corner. It seems to happen quicker every year. I had planned to host a party. I do think it will be for more than our circle. I may invite the neighbors, I don’t think they’ll mind the ritual. It’ summer after all. Here in the valley we have a bit more water than Santa Fe, so we are also a bit greener. The trees this year are also bountiful with plums, apples, some cherries and peaches. the currants seem good too. Oh, and apricots. Canning will be good this year. Last years harvest was so hard here, everyone decided to do a small garden of their own rather than our large community garden. The last few years, the last the freeze has been too late. Hence, we’ve had no fruit.

Speaking of gardens ans such, where will I be this time next year?? In Northern California, in France, Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica? Will I have a garden, maybe just yerbas para medicina. My internship is coming to a close and I must walk the path I am to take. The curandera from Guatemala told me I was  born ready. It comes from my Abuelita. It’s in the hands. My son is gifted with the fire in his hands too. Next week I will be seeing the Peruvian Curandero in Albuqurque. He too, said it was time. This path is a hard one, but I must begin. It has all come together this year. Before my eyes it has come together. It must be Venus! It must be my transit, it must be our transit. Wish me luck and well being. Well. good night and Blessed be,  Velvet


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