A Day Unlike Any Other Day

Yesterday was truly rare day a day to remember. In fact I shall never forget it!  I was leaving at 9 AM on my way to Albuquerque to see Mino, a Peruvian Medicine man. I was going for a healing and advice. It was a beautiful morning and I was a bit excited. I drove out of my gravel driveway on to my dirt road, the Cottonwood trees were spuing their delicate feathery seeds about. I got to the main road and there was  this peaceful quite. No one around. Only fairy like dust balls from the trees.  I drove about a 1/4 of a mile, maybe less and standing in the middle of the road was an Eagle. Yes, I said an Eagle!  She did not move or flutter away.  I  came to a complete stop.  She stood there staring at me motionless. It was at least 15-20 seconds, then all of a sudden she lifted her wings, full spread and kept them that way for a few more seconds. Seemed like minutes to me. It was so beautiful. She then slowly put her wings down, all this while looking at me . She stood magnificently and then she took off.  I of course could not move. I was overwhelmed. I had tears running down my face and didn’t realize it. I looked around to see if anyone was around to say ” did you see that?” Of course there was no one. I said a payer of thanksgiving and on my way to see Mino I called my sister. She quickly said, ” did he leave you a feather?” I guess I was so caught off guard, I  did’t even notice. My eyes were captivated by her eyes. I was on the interstate, so I told her I would look when I returned. I full well knew, with our winds, it would probably not be there, if in fact she had left a feather. I was content with just her presence. The day continued with the healing magic of Mino and the wonderful herb talk with Bernadette. We are so lucky to have people who really care about the our Mother Earth and about her children. My healing was great, but that I shall not talk about. My day was super blessed. My life has been super blessed.

Blessings to all. I hope the Sun is shinning in all your hearts. Take time to feel the positive in your life.  Velvet


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