The Solstice

The day was grand with weather that was in the nineties. Sky as blue as can be. The greens looked greener the yellows brighter. Everything was crisp. I bought hambuger for burgers and Robin made potato salad. Guest, of which there were many, brought the rest. Beautiful golden beets, Sweet cherries from Cochiti, Watermelon, apricot tart. Blueberry cobbler, chips and guacamole and more. Our chef was great, even though we wanted him to have a day off, he stood protecting the grill. After eating and some libations, dusk began to set in. I wasn’t sure how many people were into doing a ceremony, as many of these folks had not been to a ceremony before. Well, I was asked to start the ceremony, it began. All the women in the four directions were new at this, and with just little info on the elements and a wee bit of prompting, it went beautifully. A good friend had brought a bundle with all the proper herbs and we named another friend to be the SunGod. It was perfect. Many friends who had not been to a ceremony before were really impressed and enjoyed to entire day. Many new friends were formed and lot’s of good eats and much joy was spread. Blessings for a grand Midsummer.


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