The Blast of or Blasted Summer

It’s Summer full blast here. 100˚ here is pretty hot. Usually get  few of those days but usually later in the Summer.It is dry though, that makes it a bit better. At least for me. It’s a bit strange, we close the blinds and put up curtains so the Sun doesn’t come in. It’s a bit cave like when you think about it. Since we are 7,000ft we get intense heat. A few direct minutes and you really feel it.

I have really been thinkng about my Goddess Cards lately. I shall pull them out tonight. I do wish I could find an old iron bed to put outside for sleeping. Iwould love to pull out the cards outside with a lntern. I do find some ironbeds , but they cost too much, o they are queen size full. I just need a small twin size bed. I need one donated to me. I would put it onthe balcony or under the cedar frame. How wonderful to dream out there. Dreams are better outside. Sleep is better outside. When it is so hot, one tends to stay inside, therefore we become creatures of the night. What better way to conduct life then at night in the summer? I will be having a special guest for Sept. Wendy Rule and her husband will be doing a summer house concert here. See, now that is important to have an extra bed!

This morning I had my Chai tea outside on the portal with my hummingbirds. I had to first make sure all the feeders were full. Then I was graced with their holy presents. They have so much life and joy. They are truly grateful for the food I put out for them. They tell me all the time. They can also be a bit aggresive with each other. I guess that’s the nature of all things. If we look to the birds, the fowl, the creatures big and small, we learn from them. Sometimes I think there should be no aggression, but agression has been with all creatures since time began. It brought us to where we are, good or bad. It serves a purpose, I still struggle with that one. I understand being assertive, I think that is a good quality. I will continue to struggle with the agressive one.

Okay, here is another quip. Is there Solstice on the Equator? I have friend who lives onthe Equator and he said they had no Solstice. Hummmm. I’ve asked quite a few people and so far no one has given me a satisfactory answer. Tonight I’ll call Steve. He would know that, maybe. Off to feed my dog Rezi, she’s off the Rez. Getting pretty old that Rezi. Blessed Be,  Velvet


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